Welcome to Peconaqri Academy !

Peconaqri Academy is an online education marketplace platform for affordable, personalized, quality education for teenagers. The target users of the platform are parents who wish to homeschool their teenagers, but find the challenges of trying to do the teaching themselves a major task.

The platform supports the parents by providing the course builder program to help the parents develop the learning map for their children, create and mentor their kids through the courses that they create from selected teaching videos from the internet. The parents may also offer the courses that they developed to other parents, and get paid a fee, for mentoring the children of other parents using their courses. They do this by creating a learning guild on the platform, either alone or in partnership with other parents. If they are unable to develop the courses themselves they can pay a fee to the other parents on the platform to mentor their kids, on the courses developed by the other parents.

The other target users of the platform are teachers and online tutors who wish to offer their teaching/mentoring services to the teenagers on the platform. The platform provides them the opportunity to create learning guilds, either alone or in partnership with other guild mentors, to offer training courses to the students using the free course builder program.

Instead of just creating a homeschool for their kids, the platform allows parents to create a microschool, for both their kids, and the kids of their friends and neighbors, who wish to homeschool their kids. They can get paid to act as the guardian mentor and counsellor for the kids of other parents and for providing a homeschooling environment for them.

Please see the video below on the “Peconaqri Academy Story” for details. The video will explain the following:

(a) Why we created the platform?

(b) How we designed the platform?

(c) What are the key features of the platform?

The following is an illustration of how homeschools in the Real World can be organized into virtual schools, that are affiliated with the Peconaqri Academy platform in the virtual world of the internet cloud

Virtual Homeschools, Micro-schools and Homeschool Co-ops

We provide FREE Membership sign-up for homeschooling parents and entrepreneurial teachers who wish to create micro-schools to become members of the Peconaqri Academy community, with free setup of their private, virtual homeschools and micro-school groups.

We provide FREE Micro-school listing of the micro-schools on the website so that parents who wish to give their kids a homeschooling education, and cannot do it themselves, can find and enrol their kids in one of the listed micro-schools.

We also provide FREE Homeschool Co-op Setup & Listing for homeschool co-op leaders so that they can organize their homeschool groups in our community as a virtual school, as illustrated below.

Since Google is offering FREE Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (GWSE) account for US homeschool co-ops we can provide FREE setup of the GWSE account for the homeschool co-op members of the Academy. This will allow them to be listed as an Affiliate Virtual School of the Academy, with its own school name and internet domain, such as Buckminster Fuller School as shown in the illustration below.

Personal Dashboard

Each member of the homeschool, microschool and co-op will have a “Personal Dashboard” as shown in the illustration below, with the Groups Tab displaying 3 of the 4 groups the student belongs to.

The Left-hand side of the Dashboard has links to all the Google tools and key online resources to support a student in their self-paced, discovery learning journey. By creating a Google account and logging on the platform via the Google Chrome browser a member will have seamless access to all their Google account resources via the G-Tool links provided on the Dashboard.

PECONAQ Learning Framework and Map

The Peconaqri Academy platform has also been designed to support project-based learning based on the PECONAQ Learning Framework as illustrated below.

The PECONAQ Learning Framework provides a structured framework to assist mentors in guiding their students in their daily learning adventure via 9 different study project themes as listed below.

  1. Physical Body (PB) projects
  2. Visual Arts (VA) projects
  3. Performing Arts (PA) projects
  4. Social Science (SS) projects
  5. Technological Science (TS) projects
  6. Mathematical Science (MS) projects
  7. Natural Science Plants (NSP) projects
  8. Natural Science Animals (NSA) projects
  9. Natural Science Environment (NSE) projects

The 9 study project themes are shown in the 10-Step Guide Peconaq Learning Map below.

Digital Credentials with a Badgr Account

Each homeschool, micro-school, affiliate homeschool can also create their own FREE Badgr account to give digital credential awards to their students for their completion of their learning projects.

How do I become a member?

(a) Sign-Up as a member of the community.

(b) You can then explore the features of the platform and submit questions for discussions in the Group’s Forum.

(c) If you wish to create a FREE homeschool, micro-school or homeschool co-op account please complete the “Homeschool Registration Request” Form below.

NOTE: To ensure privacy and as part of the learning game, you have to create an an avatar gmail account using your chosen avatar name as the first name, and your first name as the last name. Similarly, you have to create for each student that will be added to your homeschool an avatar gmail account for them.