PeconaqRi Academy Game

In order to make the project-based learning fun it is possible to create a Peconaqri Academy Simulation Game to be played by the mentors and students using the Real World as a Peconaq Game virtual world.

In this game the mentors and students take on avatar identities as explorers living in a NEW planet world.

Game Setting

Each student is considered an avatar hero (similar to the hero in the Avatar movie who lives among natives in a new planet) that are being mentored by their guardian mentors in their homeschools to be a “Hero-in-training” to explore and discover a “New World planet called Gaia (in this case it is our planet Earth)” by completing their learning projects.

The students learn by completing the scientific discovery, creative and performance arts projects based on the student’s own questions. The students will use the Peconaq Learning Framework and Map as the basic framework to choose their projects and organize their studies. 

Game Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Game are as follows:

(a) Students learn by asking questions, designing and completing their educational projects with the guidance from their mentors.

(b) Students discover their hidden talents by completing scientific discovery, creative and performance arts projects.

(c) Students learn how to collaborate and work together as a member of a team to complete group projects.

(d) Students master academic subjects related to their projects, as part of their project design requirements.

(e) Students develop a resilient spirit in overcoming challenges because they have experienced repeated cycles of completing challenges in their projects. 

(f) Students develop a greater awareness and understanding of their inner person, and how their life journey performance in the outer world is determined by their inner motivations. 

(g) Students develop a greater understanding of why they need to take care of their body and health, and take responsibility for them.

(h) Students develop a holistic view of how they, the human community and nature co-exist, and thus should be able to define their life purpose within the scheme of life.

(i) Students become a life-long learner, and see their life like a “Hero on an adventure journey with a series of challenges to overcome” with the ultimate goal to fulfil their “personal legend” and leave some positive impacts on the world.

Homeschool Environment Spaces

(a) Personal space – Each student should have a personal space for them to do their projects and store their belongings. 

(b) Meditation space – There should be a quiet space or room where a student can be alone to meditate and connect with their inner person.

(c) Community space – There should be a public space/lounge area where the students can relax and interact with their fellow students.

(d) Nature space – There should be an outdoor space (for example the back garden of a house or a nearby public park) where the students can connect with Nature and do their nature-related project activities.