The Peconaq Logo

The Peconaq logo icon captures the essence of the Peconaq structured framework view of the dual reality of life.  

Question ?

At the center of the icon is the question that the learner wish to inquire and seek answers. All questions start from within the learner and expand outwards. 


The Red circle represents the learner Person. The Red color represent the desired “passion for learning and inquiry of the Person”


Each person is a member of a Community which is represented by a Blue circle. The Blue color represent the desired “Peaceful relationships between individuals within a Community”


The outer most Green circle represents the Natural environment. The Green color represent the “harmony and beauty of Nature”.

Real/Invisible (Ri)

The dark semi-circle boundaries of the 3 colored circles on the right-hand side represents the solid, visible exterior, whereas the unlined semi-circles on the left-hand side represents the invisible counterparts of the solid exterior.