What is a Peconaq Game?

A Peconaq Game is a Life Learning Game that has been designed to be played in a Peconaq Game world.

Peconaq Game World

The Peconaq Game world is a virtual world created for a Peconaq Game to simulate and raise awareness of the dual reality of life – the physical “Real (R)” world that we live in and the “Invisible (i)” inner world of our mind that directs the activities that we do in the physical world via our physical body. 

The Peconaq Game world is an “avatar-populated” virtual world that is parallel to the physical “Real (R)” world. It was created to allow Peconaq Game players to practice seeing the physical “Real (R)” world  through the glasses of the Peconaq Learning Framework.

The Parallel Virtual Game World

For example, in the physical world we have a person call Amy (R) whose actions in the physical world is determined by the invisible Amy (i).

The Peconaq Game world is a “Tool” to simulate and create awareness that there is an Amy (R) and Amy (i) in the Real world, by creating a parallel “avatar-populated, virtual world”, where we replaced Amy (R) with an avatar, say Noriko (R) and Amy (R) becomes the invisible person directing the activities of the Avatar Noriko (R) in the parallel Virtual World. 

Everyone is on a “Hero’s Journey” in this world

Every avatar player in a Peconaq Game is considered to be a “Hero” and is on a Hero’s journey. The Hero is supposed to be on a continuous cyclical quest to learn, discover and express themself so that he/she can fulfil their mission and attain their “Personal Legend”.  

Joseph Campbell in his study of myths from all over the world discovered that there is a common template of stories that involve a hero who goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed. He call this monomyth – “The Hero’s Journey”.

When we were born into this physical world, our parents gave us our name, which we associate with our physical body. We begin our life journey in the physical world with our physical body, and leave our footprints in the history of the world via our artistic creations, performances and scientific discoveries.

Thus, everyone that is born into this physical world can be seen to be on a “Hero’s life adventure journey”, whether we are conscious of it or not

All the world’s a stage

William Shakespeare says that “All the world’s a stage”,/ “And all the men and women merely players”. This is a good metaphor for the adventure journey of life that everyone born into this physical world is taking.

In a Peconaq Game the physical world is transformed into a “virtual stage” for the Peconaq Game, with the natural biological and physical environment as the stage settings within which the avatars, enter to play their parts as the “Hero” in their learning adventure. 

Benefits of the Game

The following are two possible benefits of playing a Peconaq Learning Game.

(a)  By raising the awareness of the dual reality of life a Peconaq Learning Game may be able to help the player use the heightened awareness to improve their “performance/impact on this world” during their life journey.

(b) By simulating the cyclic quests of the Hero’s journey in a Peconaq Learning Game the player may become more resilient in facing life’s challenges, seeing each challenging event in their life as another Hero’s quest that the Universe sends to them to help them attain their “Personal Legend” that they were meant to achieve when they were born into this world.  

Peconaq Games

The following are the two Peconaq Games that have been developed.

(a) Peconaq-Ri Academy Game

(b) Peconaq-Ri Game of Life