The Exterior (R) and Interior (i) Nature

Exterior (Real/Visible) Nature

The natural world environment consists of the inanimate physical entities (air, water, land) and the living, biological entities of plants (flora) and animals (fauna).

Interior (Invisible) Nature

Due to human’s innate curiosity and desire to understand comprehensively their life experiences they were motivated to study the physical and biological entities in Nature, and thus abstract some general design principles that govern the creation and behaviors of those entities manifested in the natural world environment. 

In the process humanity discovered that Nature expresses itself in the language of mathematics. Thus, humanity has classified the knowledge that they have acquired of Nature’s design into Mathematics and Science (which can be sub-divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).

Which comes first – the visible or invisible?

From the above discussions, we can see that the non-physical (invisible) intentions/designs of the Human Mind and Nature’s designs precedes and determines what gets manifested in the physical (visible) external reality. 

The external reality is like a “Staged Play”, with the natural environment the “World Stage” for the human actors to play their parts in creating human history.