The Value of Asking Questions

We were born into this world with an innate curiosity to question, explore, learn, discover and express ourselves via our body.

The desire to question is a fundamental part of our nature when we were a kid. It was a part of our desire to understand comprehensively about ourselves and the living environment we were born into.

Somehow as we grow older we seem to lose that desire to question and learn. We have lost the sense of wonder about ourselves and the environment we live in. 

Question is a powerful tool. It is the key that can unlock many doors. It is the key to understand ourself as a person, the people and things/systems in our community, and to understand the natural environment we live in.

Questions are tools to explore and investigate to solve problems. Questions can lead to actions, great innovations and inventions. 

Questions define the agenda for our thinking and initiates the process of learning. They determine what information we seek. They lead us in one direction rather than another. They are, therefore, a crucial part of our thinking.