Peconaq Inc. created the PECONAQ Learning Framework to help anyone who wants to get a structured, multidisciplinary “education for life” using the abundant information resources available in the internet. The Framework will provide a structure to help self-learners select and explore the questions that they have on any subject areas of interests that may concern the learner’s life journey.

The company believes that the self-learners in the homeschooling community will benefit from using the Framework. Thus, we have created this website (PeconaqRi Academy) to support the homeschooling community to organize themselves into virtual online schools, and to help the self-learners learn in a structured and sytematic way via the project-based learning approach using the learning resources from the internet.

Peconaq Learning Map

We have created a 10-step Guide Learning Map to help a homeschool mentor, either a parent or an entrepreneurial teacher of a micro-school, use it to guide a student to learn on their own using the learning resources on the internet with the project-based learning method. The Learning Map is shown below.

Peconaq YouTube Channel and Videos

We will create YouTube videos in the Peconaq YouTube Channel to show homeschool mentors how to use the Peconaq Learning Map to guide a homeschool student to do their study projects for the various types of questions that they may have under the 9 project themes/18 projects types in the Learning Map. Please see the 10-minute video clip below on the Peconaq Framework, and how it is related to PeconaqRi and the Peconaq logo.


The YouTube study project videos will show how our 4 mentors (Amy, Joanna, Brian and Matthew) conduct their mentoring sessions with 2 students, Kevin and Ivy, for different project themes.

The video below shows how Joanna mentors Kevin and Ivy on a simple exercise to study the topic of lifelong learning using YouTube videos.

The video below shows how Joanna mentors Kevin and Ivy to learn why the world is like a stage for the “Game of Life” using YouTube videos. It also show them how a Google search can be serendipitous, if they are curious and like learning.


The video below shows how Matthew mentors Kevin and Ivy to learn what is the scientific method and objective reality using YouTube videos. They also learn why the Academy focused on project-based learning. This is because they can only say that they have learned something well only after they know how to apply the knowledge to solve problems in new situations.


FREE Membership and Setup of Homeschools/Co-ops

We welcome you to join us in making Buckminster Fuller’s prediction about homeschooling in the 21st century a reality by becoming a member of our community and creating your own homeschool on the internet. It is FREE to sign-up and be a member of the PeconaqRi Academy community.

Later, we will develop study project courses (which are longer versions of the YouTube study project videos) for members of the Academy who would like to give their students the step-by-step course instructional support under a premium, paid membership category, if they wish to join.

We can help you setup your own homeschool and co-op community on the internet for FREE. We can also provide guidance on how to use Google tools and the internet learning resources to help you mentor your students in their self-directed learning adventure based on the project-based learning approach.

FREE Listing of Micro-schools “Homeschools”

For the entrepreneurial teachers who wish to create micro-school “homeschool” we can help you setup your micro-school on the website and list your micro-school on the PeconaqRi Academy website for FREE. In this way, parents who wish to give their kids a homeschooling education, and cannot do it themselves, can find and enrol their kids in your micro-school.

The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated demands for homeschooling by parents. It has also created opportunities for entrepreneurial teachers to create an alternative source of income through the setup of their own micro-schools.

FREE Setup and Listing of Affiliate Virtual Schools/Homeschool Co-ops

The homeschools and micro-schools that are setup on the PeconaqRi Academy can form themselves into a virtual school or homeschool co-op. We can setup the virtual school/homeschool co-op group for Free on the website.

Since Google is offering its “Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals (GWSE)” to US Homeschool Co-ops for FREE we can help the virtual schools/homeschool co-ops on the PeconaqRi Academy website setup their GWSE account for FREE and list it as an affiliate virtual school of the Academy with its own name and internet domain. This will allow all members of the school to get a free Google school email account that enables the members to collaborate and work seamlessly as a group.

Be part of the Transformation!

The great education unbundling and rebundling of learning is taking place now to transform the future of education. You can be part of that transformation!

Our Vision

We look forward to the day when the existing, one-size, fit-all, century old, industrial age system of schooling is replaced by a personalized, student-centered system, driven by the curiosity and interests of students.

Buckminster Fuller has predicted that future even before the Internet even existed. He envisioned a future where students can do their own research and development projects based on their own interests. He predicted that the most effective way to get an education is through having easy access to videos and pages from books via satellite, before the World Wide Web and Google Search made that possible now.

Our Mission

To develop and manage an online platform, the PeconaqRi Academy, to support parents/mentors who subscribe to Buckminster Fuller’s belief that homeschooling is the most effective way to educate their children/students in the information age, where instantaneous access to the abundant and best teaching and learning resources, such as educational videos and web pages, are available from the Internet.

We subscribe to Buckminster Fuller’s belief that we can never change things by fighting the existing reality. “To change something we need to build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”.

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