Peconaq Games

A Peconaq Game is a Life Learning Game that has been designed to be played in a Peconaq Game world.

The Peconaq Game world is a virtual world created for a Peconaq Game to simulate and raise awareness of the dual reality of life – the physical “Real (R)” world that we live in and the “Invisible (i)” inner world of our mind that directs the activities that we do in the physical world via our physical body.

Learning in the PeconaqRi Academy can be made FUN by making it into a Peconaq Simulation Game played in the Real World.

The Peconaq Games “Puzzle”

If you are interested to know about the “puzzle” of the Peconaq Games and how they are related to Peconaq and the Peconaq Learning Framework, please check-out the links below.

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