The “PeCoNaQ” Acronym

It is an acronym for Person (PE), Community (CO), Nature (NA) and Question (Q)

The reason we choose this acronym is because it is the foundation upon which we develop the Peconaq Learning Framework. It is also a simple and handy reminder to us that every entity that we come into contact in our daily lives can be classified into the 3 main categories:

  1. an individual Person (that is us), 
  2. the people we relate to in our Community (and the things and systems they created),
  3. all the entities we see in Nature (the biological living things of plants and animals and the solid, liquid and gaseous objects in the physical world).  

We should also take note that there is a visible Exterior and an invisible Interior associated with the entities in each of the above 3 categories. 

Why “Question” ?

The focus of the Peconaq Framework is on Learning about the entities in the above 3 categories. That is why Question has been added to the acronym to remind us that Questions define the agenda for our thinking and initiates the process of learning.

This is why Peconaq Inc. motto is “Learning begins with a Question and Project”, because the subjects to be studied and the design of a learning project will be determined by the question of the questioner.