The Exterior (R) and Interior (i) Community

Exterior (Real/Visible) Community

We were born, naked and helpless, as a member of a family that belongs to a community of humans/tribes. We were born with the natural ability to learn and communicate with other human beings via the language we were taught by our tribes.

We noticed that in the visible external world, there are a diversity of human tribes, with their own unique languages, values, beliefs and cultural practices.

We also noticed that the human community can create physical products, and social systems to organize and regulate the behaviors of individuals within their groups. Thus, we can sub-divide the “Human Community” category into two sub-categories:

(a) human tribes,

(b) human creations (the products and social systems created by them)

Interior (Invisible) Community

In order to understand the activities of the human community in the external physical world we need to be aware and study its invisible “twin part” that precedes and governs the physical activities of the visible human community that we have just described above.

The reason why a human group/tribe forms in the physical world is due to their shared languages, beliefs, priorities, values and cultures

The physical products we see in the external physical world originates from the designs in the minds of the people in the human community.

Similarly, the social systems that organize and regulate the behaviors of individuals within the human community have their origins in the designs of the human minds.