Buckminster Fuller’s Belief in Homeschooling

The visionary, R. Buckminster Fuller, believes that homeschooling is best for students since they can do their own research and development projects based on their own interests.

He predicted that the most effective way to get an education is through having easy access to videos and pages from books via satellite, before the World Wide Web and Google Search made that possible now !

Since Buckmnister Fuller’s prediction has become a reality there is no reason why homeschooling should not become the normal way that students get prepared for their life journey of discovery and self expression through their creative and artistic performances.

See the extracts from Buckminster Fuller’s book, Critical Path below.

You can see the above extract on page xxxv in the original scanned version of the book.

You can also click on the “Content” Button below to view and scroll to get a preview of a later version of the book. The above extract is on Page 54 of the book below.